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KOMORI World Forum 2006

The Komori World Forum was held the esteemed customers of the Komori Group from all over the world to gather in one place and to exchange current information on global trends in the printing industry.

Simultaneous interpretation (English, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese) was given for each lecture to enhance the convenience of all guests.

Mr. Yoshinobu Komori, General Manager of Japanese Domestic Sales Department and Mr.Miyao, Senior Vice President of KOMORI AMERICA acted as MCs.

Welcome and opening speech of Presdent Y. Komori for all guests.

"Komori Group have customer kando as our corporate ethos and, through our corporate ctivities, aim to be world's leading printing press maker."

Mr. Hiromichi Fujita
Chairman, CEO, Japan Federation of Printing Industries(JFPI)
Chairman, CEO, Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd.

Theme of the lecture
"Trends and Activities in Japan's Printing Industry"

■Review of the lecture

"We need to move forward with strategic ideas for the future of printing industry"

1. Clarify vision and move forward→Strengthen brand power
・Improve employee satisfaction by sharing values
・Improve specialized capabilities(fostering of personnel,form alliances with other industries)
2. Put the client first
・Offer products and services that meet clients' needs
・Also meet needs of end users (consumers) of our clients
3. Proactively reduce costs
・Promote digitalization and review production processes
・Improve the raw material procurement environment
・Secure high-quality personnel(use middle-aged and female personnel effectively)
4. Specialize in the fields in which we can display our strengths
・Improve competitiveness in the markets in which distinguishable and
advantages can be demonstrated
5. Strengthen commitment to CSR as an industry
・Improve enterprises' attitudes toward social responsibility and stimulate action

Mr. Wan Jie
Chairman, Artron Enterprises (Group) Limited.
Professor of China North West University
Professor of Beijing institute of graphic communication

Theme of the lecture
"The Status Quo and Problems of the Chinese Printing Industry"
"We appreciate having grown up by it not only having getting the machine which was excellent,but having learned Komori's technical management. And now we Artron group started to lead the direction of development of the Chinese printing industry"

■Review of the lecture
"Directions of Development of the Chinese printing industry"

1. Printing is an information service business and digitalization and networking are needed to improve productivity.
2. Need integration into the global market
・Inviting foreign capital, procuring locally.
・Enhancing quality and productive power.
・Low cost and higher competitiveness.
3. Since development of a Chinese printing company is out of balance,improvement is required.
4. Enhancing added value
・Differentiation will create higher values.
5. Enhancing quality
6. Demand of web printing is continuously increasing.

We continue the innovation between no less than these ten years and made Artron model. These are traditional printing resources + Modern IT Technology + Cultural Art.

Mr. Patrick Martell
Managing Director Media Products
St.Ives Plc.

Theme of the lecture
"The trend and subject of the Europe publishing trade which were seen from St Ives plc"

"The titles of magazines of UK is the most numerous in Europe - 2nd to USA and
consumer market driven by constant churn of new titles"

■Review of the lecture
The trend of publishing trade
・Reducing prices
・.Shorter lead-times
・.New Gravure capacity in UK / Europe etc.

It is necessary to perform an efficient pagination using productive machine.
We need to challenge and think about web offset as followings:
・Efficient shorter runs-paper waste, make-ready times and automation
・Labor flexibility
・Added value services
・Investments that lower the cost of production
・Uneconomic pricing

Mr. Raymond M. Hartman
Group Executive Vice President
R.R. Donnelley & Sons

Theme of the lecture
"Capital Investment: A Printer's Perspective & JDF- A CASE STUDY"

JDF (Job Definition Format) is a technology for binding together digital workflows for graphic design and print. It is the industry standard format for performing communication of information in both directions, between management systems such as MIS and process control, and a production machine. And also establishes a structure for automating production processes.

JDF Enablers
・Streamlining Data Information
・Improve flow of business information throughout supply chain
・Accurate job info(work in progress),inventory & scheduling request.
・Improve job throughput
・Tighter integration from front-end to back-end processes

Digital Smart Factory goals

・Job Cycle Time Reductions
・Manufacturing Efficiency Gains
・Paper Waste Reductions
・Optimized Equipment Usage
・Analyze Material Yields & Performance
・Establish Best Practices for Estimating & Billing

The ceremony of presenting a bouquet after the lecture.

Outside the forum hall, the printed matters from all over the world using the machine
of KOMORI were displayed, and the visitors were looking carefully.


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